Ford + Long Island

When Ford Motor Company gives you a new electric car and asks you to make social media content you grab: 1 adventure buddy, 1 surfboard, 2 fishing rods, and you hit the road. Pro Tip: Don't forget your towel.

I'll admit: I'm not a car person. Never have been. But, I do love roadtrips, getting places in one piece not having to spend a fortune on gas, and when my phone makes that sweet boo-doo-beep noise and is connected to the stereo automatically. So, when Ford approached us to take the CMAX for a few weeks to create social content for a clean energy campaign I was pretty stoked.

September is a weird month in the North East so we overpacked, and had hope for big fish and bigger swells. When I met Darren at JFK the sun had just crested over the horizon and it was already 45º, and I knew we were in for one heck of a weekend.

I don’t know anything about Long Island other than it sticks way out into the Ocean, there’s a few places to catch trout, and a few more places to ride decent waves.