Kent Steel Co. Branding & Website

PROJECT SCOPE // Website Design, Website Development, Branding/Identity, Lifestyle Photography, Product Photography

When Ryan Kent, owner of Kent Steel Co. approached us to "overhaul" his creative assets it wasn't a matter of what we wanted to do, it was more of a matter of where to start. Ryan had been running a successful business by all accounts, but he knew that to take it to the next level he needed to leverage a higher quality of identity & photography and a really awesome site to hold it all.

After a series of sketches that involved a number of cool things like diamonds, lightning bolts, and various Volkswagon vans, we became much more dialed-in to what Ryan wanted and more importantly what his clients needed to see in order to quickly fall in love with KSC

KSC is an in progress project that we can't wait to unveil when it's finished. In the meantime take a look at what it looks like to spend a day in Ryan's shop.