My Trail Co Website

PROJECT SCOPE // Web Design, Web Development, Graphic/Icon Design, technical diagram design, Photography Licensing

In mid 2015 we teamed up with startup My Trail Co (formerly GoLite) to build a website to raise funds for their Direct Public Offer. Together we built a website on the Shopify eCommerce platform that helped them meet their fundraising goals in late 2015, using photos from our image library to populate the site with rich, and relevant imagery.

After using the placeholder site to raise funds on their public offering, My Trail came back to us to build out their full eCommerce site complete with their first line of products.

The initial design was based on the idea that selling a product means selling the whole story of the product. Accordingly, we designed the product pages of the site to be long scrolls including video and photo assets as well as custom illustrated charts and graphs. The method allowed for layering of graphics that moved beyond a more static site look and feel, and the design was completely modular so if certain products didn't require a video section, for example, that section would collapse automatically if no video content was added to the product template.

A month after the launch of the full eCommerce site, My Trail asked us to review their site traffic and assess how visitor conversion and engagement could be improved. While reviewing the site analytics we discovered that the site's traffic was primarily made up of significantly older and less internet savvy users than the initial target demographic that we designed for. Using this information we reworked the site to its current state which has less scrolling, more straightforward purchasing specs, and larger click areas to cater to the appropriate market for My Trail products.