Darren Squashic

A Creative Agency

Darren Squashic
A Creative Agency

Traverse is a creative agency forged in the spirit of adventure. We tell engaging stories with photos & video, build mindful ecommerce websites, and create content for companies, with a focus in the outdoor arena. We do what we do because it's in our plans, it's in our passions, it's in our blood. We backpack, we travel, we sleep in the dirt, we climb mountains and ride down them, sometimes as fast as possible. We wade rivers, hike through national forests and we hang out at basecamps. We bring this knowledge and passion to all the projects we work on.

We're proud of our work and the companies we've worked with:


Photography, Video Production, Website, Branding, Print Materials, Business Cards, Payment Portals, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Contests, Blog Content.

Traverse was formed on the basic idea that every business and product is unique and should be branded and marketed as such. If you really believe your business is different and worth-while then you owe it to yourself to build a brand that equals your efforts, give that brand an amazing website, and to fill that website with meaningful, original content. Every project that Traverse works on becomes its own, and that means just as much passion and ingenuity is placed on your creative assets and website as you put into your business.



We never want working with us to be difficult. Here's how We work in 4 simple steps.


Use the contact form below, or simply send us an email. We do our best to get back to inquiries and perspective clients within 48 hours. We ask forgiveness in cases where we’re galavanting around the woods or climbing mountains. You can always check out our Instagram feed to see if we’re out in the field shooting new products, testing out gear or just sleeping in the dirt.


Everyone’s gotta do some homework, even us. We’ll use some great tools like online forms or good ‘ol-fashioned phone calls to ask the right questions about your project.

The level and depth of the information we need will vary based on what we’re working on. We’ll need more or less depending on if we’re creating branding for a new company, shooting products, or making a brand new web store for you to sell your goods in.


After we gather all the information we need, settle on terms, and all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, it’ll be time to have some fun! Most of the time we create on our own and include you at agreed upon benchmarks to make sure deadlines are met and everyone is on the same page. We do love to collaborate (especially when shooting products on epic backpacking trips) so let us know early on, and we’ll accommodate.


Sooner or later, all good things must come to an end, even the most fun projects. When everything is approved and the time has come for us to hand over your materials, we keep it simple. You’ll get a digital delivery (or a launch in the case of a website) as well as a physical drive with your files on it. Stash them away somewhere safe in case you need to dig into the archives.

Then we high five and eat pizza!




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Darren Squashic

Darren has been taking photos since middle school building and websites since he was 14. Recently he has shifted his focus to ecommerce and web app development, where nearly a decade of experience with portrait photography aids his attention to visual detail and user experience. His love of mountains and western lifestyle drove him from the North East to Northern Colorado where he spends most of his free time in the saddle of a bike or exploring in the mountains.

Matthew Novak

Matthew is a 'well-traveled' art director who has worked with some of the world's top talents at Bon Appetit, New York Magazine, West Elm, and Spotify. Matt's years of experience are only superseded by his love of clean design & creating great digital user experiences. When he's not working you can find Matt spending time in the North East woods, with his family, fly-fishing, and bird-spotting.




Shoot us an email at info@traverse.is or fill out the form below to get started.