Yipsan Bicycles: Renold Yip

I discovered Renold Yip and Yipsan Bicycles while searching for local craftsmen for my "Creators Of" project in the middle of 2015. The first time we met he showed me around his shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, and instantly came across as a warm, capable, and incredibly intelligent man. He showed me bikes that he built and kept for his own collection, bikes that he built for past clients, and bikes that he won awards for.

Over the course of the next several weeks I met with him at his shop and photographed the creative process of building one bike in particular, a competition bike for a long distance endurance cyclist. Renold does everything by hand, eschewing the use of any power tools in his process. The amount of attention paid to the most minute details is astonishing, and the quality of the bikes that Renold produces is incredible.

Enjoy the photos below, and be sure to check out more of his work at yipsanbicycles.com, or on his Flickr page.